Welcome to Dongguan City juke automation equipment Co., Ltd.!

Welcome to Dongguan City juke automation equipment Co., Ltd.




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[2014-10-21]Juke because specialty, so has been the leading

[2014-10-21]Juke because specialty, so has been the leading

[2014-10-21]Juke because specialty, so has been the leading


Dongguan juke automation equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is a professional engaged in precision pulse heat welding equipment research and development, design, production, sales in one of the high-tech enterprises. The company has a professional team of engineers, track the international cutting-edge technology convergence earth wisdom, to provide quality products and perfect service for customers, and are committed to the technology as a fundamental, innovation in science and technology for the purpose, will be high-tech success into practical productive forces. After years of efforts, poly department with professional and efficient service, so far, has become a respected supplier by precision welding line. Juke precision pulse welding as a new welding method, precision welding is widely used in very fine line, ACF, FPC, FFC flat cable, laser head, zebra crossing, HDM[data signal connector, with the welding temperature setting and display the real-time monitoring, multiple sets of program storage etc. juke hot pressure welding solder joints is neat and beautiful, full of strong, solve the weld defects and even tin. With the rapid development of electronic industry, more and more of the requirements of precision welding, juke has been concerned about the global advanced precision welding technology, continuous improvement and innovation. Integrity management, efficient service, has always focused on quality products and customer satisfaction.……

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